hereibc 2015 kinefinity HDVideoshop

as every year in September IBC invites for discovering the latest updates and news from the broadcast and cinematography industry.

This year for the first time Kinefinity will have it's own booth at 9.A04


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Why come to Kinefinity's booth?

* experience KineMINI 4K and KineMAX 6K hands on with our technical support staff eager to answer any questions and demo the cameras

* see and analyse 6K, 5K, 4K,… footage from Kinefinity cameras on our workstation with a 5K resolution display

* color grade and play around with footage and ask questions about postproduction with kinecameras and various softwares

* come to our presentation on Assimilate Scratch v8.4 on Friday, Sept. 11th 2:00PM (14:00) @ Kinefinity Booth Hall 9 Stand 9.A04

* meet the CEO of Kinefinity Mr. Jihua Zheng or Europe's Distributor Michel Juknat for business related questions

want to request an appointment with us? contact us via

More info on Kinefinity's latest KineOS v4.0 firmware update here