KineMINI 4K owners can now trade-in their used KineMINI 4K for a brand new KineMAX 6K

Here's how it works:

The Trade-In Program is available from December 2015 until June 2016.
Owners need to send back their camera to their local dealer, distributor or Kinefinity headquarter, depending on their location. The cost for the return shipment is at the user's charge.

The prices in Europe are as follows:
1. EUR 4,499 ex.VAT for KineMINI with 4K AND HiSpeed options
2. EUR 4,899 ex.VAT for KineMINI with 4K OR HiSpeed options
3. EUR 5,499 ex.VAT for KineMINI without 4K nor HiSpeed options

The traded-in KineMAX will include:
1. 6K & HiSpeed options
2. KineAudio
3. Integrated battery plate
4. Dual 3G-SDI
5. WIFI option
6. 1-Yr license of SCRATCH v8.4

Total process time for the trade-in without delivery times is approx. 3-4 weeks.

Trade-in cameras can not be upgraded to Basic, Standard or Pro packages. All further accessories need to be added separately.

European Users need to ship the camera back to MJIT - HDVIDEOSHOP in Berlin, MJIT will take care of the shipment back to Kinefinity headquarters. Shipping costs to and from China will be covered by MJIT, customs and duty taxes after the camera comes back from China are in charge of the user.

For more information please contact: for EU users for US and other users