- 2in1 Single- and Dual-Handle use
- max. payload: 1,2kg

- 360° no limitation motor with encoders
- auto inverted mode

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988,00 € zzgl. MwSt.



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The CAME-OPTIMUS is the successor to our very successful CAME-SINGLE gimbal. The Optimus model also features encoders and allows for one hand operation, but with all of the controls and battery now relocated outside of the handle, the Single handle can be changed to Dual Handles depending on the camera operator's requirement.

The new frame design also allows for the Optimus Gimbal to be operated completely inverted or underslung. All motors rotate a full 360 degrees without limitation for greater range and flexibility during operation. The battery life can run up to 10 hours on a single charge. The single handle has a built in Joystick, but the Optimus will also include a wireless Joystick Remote. The CAME-OPTIMUS has a quick release camera plate along with tool-less adjustments for easy and fast camera balancing.


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