Kinefinity KineBACK Lite Module

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KineBACK Module for Kineterra Camera

Dual 3G-SDI monitoring outputs, 48V phantom power support, dual XLR port, time code input and output, synchronous machines, DC power supply output, all-metal battery pinch, also comes with two-way type B port power supply output (six functions).

Dual 3G SDI

KineBACK automatically 2x 3G SDI support from hardware and software, once installed KineBACK to TERRA fuselage, SDI monitoring function can be used.
High-definition digital interfaces, supports 720p and 1080p output.

720p @ 60p or 1080p @ 60p. Not recommended for use as an external recorder to record.
720p @ 60p or 1080p @ 60p; therefore correspond to HD-SDI and 3G-SDI signal


Dual balanced input of MIC-IN or MIC-IN + 48V. That is, two XLR microphone interface port interface, support for external microphone phantom power (48V).

KineAudio audio ADC signals noise ratio up to 110dB. KineAudio 48KHz - 24 bit sound quality of broadcast standards.

Time code input and output

KineBACK also integrates time code input and output functions.

Output Power

KineBACK provides two 12V 1A of the DC power supply, to launch an external monitor or other attachments. This reduces the use of other batteries.

KineBACK including a total of 4 outputs to power external accessories to use, most of the scenarios can be covered.

Multi-camera (3D / VR Ready)

Since TERRA lightweight airframe (less than 1kg) and ultra-small size, very suitable to build 3D systems and VR / 360-degree imaging system. TERRA while the 3D / multi-machine synchronization can really achieve synchronization between the CMOS image sensor, comprising:
- code synchronization;
- frame synchronization;
- synchronous scanning CMOS sensor,

V-Mount Battery Plate

- all metal V-Mount battery plate

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