CineMilled DJI Ronin “PRO” Dovetail

Unlock new camera choices and possibilities with the PRO Dovetail today! Mount larger cameras or longer lenses without the need to purchase are extensions. Eliminate the need for tilt extensions by adding bottom weight!

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Unlock more camera build options with our PRO Dovetail system.

Watch our detailed product tutorial below for complete information (video covers Ronin-M version as well)

The PRO DOVETAIL system from CineMilled is the key to unlocking new configurations without the need for arm extensions, tilt extensions and pan extensions.

The PRO dovetail does require a much better understanding of how balance works so you can successfully add weight were you need it and get it balanced in short order.


Longer length

To start off the PRO dovetail for the RONIN is slightly longer by 1.5″. The additional length can allow you to mount larger cameras or longer builds with zoom lenses.

**Please note you need to order counter weights separately**   **You may need the optional Ronin Pan Balance weight mount**


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