NEW VERSION Zhiyun Crane 3-axis Stabilizer Handheld Gimbal

New Version with Quick Release Plate

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NEW VERSION 2017 with quick release camera plate

Zhiyun Crane 3-axis Stabilizer Handheld Gimbal

The Crane is designed for mirrorless cameras, you will enjoy the better performance than other handheld camera stabilizers currently on the markets. Whatever you shoot, the Crane will always help you get incredibly smooth, professional video footage. It is light, smaller and more convenient to use.

Key Features:

1. Built-in compact slip rings enable the gimbal to have all 3 axis 360 degrees unlimited rotation. 2. The first handheld gimbal with CCI (Camera Control Interface). With CCI, the camera’s shutter and focus can be controlled by the buttons on gimbal’s handle.
3. Quick, simple and tool-less camera mounting system saves time and effort.
4. The built-in wireless control module can be connected with Zhiyun gimbal remote control or Smartphone APP which can also be used for wireless control and firmware upgrade.
5. Innovative battery tray design supports both 18650 and 26650 batteries, providing 6 hours and 12 hours operating time respectively. The 26650 batteries are sold separately.
6. The industry's first to achieve three 32bit MCUs (Microcontroller Units) running in parallel at 4k Hz. It is far beyond the reach of any other gimbals.
7. With the automotive grade magnetic encoders attached to each motor, the gimbal can sense every 0.02 degree change intervals.
8. Three control modes give you flexible creativity and endless possibility.
9. Powerful MCUs which support floating point calculati
on, combined with Zhiyun’s efficient attitude control algorithm and advanced servo control algorithm, the Crane is able to sense, compute, then control the camera to 0.01 degree accuracy within 0.25 millisecond.
10. The Crane weighs only 950g, its max. load reaches 1200g, which could be used with almost all mirrorless cameras.


1. Pan following mode: Locks tilt and roll axes. Camera smoothly pans to follow the direction of the handle
2. Pan and tilt following mode: Locks roll axis. Camera smoothly follows the pan and tilt motion of the handle
3. Locking mode: Locks the pan, tilt and roll axes of the camera in the position it is in when mode is activated
4. Inverted mode: Allows you to turn the gimbal upside-down. This mode is an inverted version of the pan following mode


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