Zhiyun Smooth-II 3-Axis Gimbal For Smartphones

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Zhiyun Smooth-II 

Technical Parameters

Zhiyun Smooth series gimbal for smartphone has been favoured and high-praised among the users since released. We globally absorbed advice from thousands of fans, made sweeping improvement and released the flagship model of smartphone gimbal, Smooth-ll. Smooth-ll adds more considerate designs and focuses on user experiences. More up-to-date functions: special designed APP, Bluetooth remote control, shot while charging, vertical shooting and panorama mode. With Smooth-ll, everyone can be a professional photographer.

Rapid start

Press and hold the multifunctional power button for three seconds, the Smooth-ll enters working mode. The advanced protection techniques, i.e. from short-circuit, reverse, over-discharge, ensure safe starting up.

Precise craft

Drop resistance - aviation grade aluminium alloy material; Light - precise CNC technique; Comfortable hand feeling - blasting process; Luxury experience - chamfering matt management.

1/4 inch screw thread

Multiple combinations

With the 1/4 screw thread at the bottom, the Smooth-II can be matched with multiple filming accessories, i.e. tripod, extension rod, cupola, or hand held to make delay shooting and create the effect of rocker arm.

Unlimited creation

With 360 degrees unlimited rotation design for pan axis, you can change the angle as you want. The vertical shooting mode adds convenience for you inspiration.

Joystick, everything is simple.

Using the classic stepless rotational joystick, you can handle everything within fingertip. Easy work, easy fun.

Super noise reduction

Zhiyun’s advanced noise reduction technique, block noise and create the most original video.

Stable enlarged frame

The honeycomb core arithme is the advanced control arithme researched and developed by Zhiyun. The gimbal attitude control, combined with efficient motor control technology, makes it possible for fast and accurate compensation for instant disturbance, which reaches the world's highest standard of noise reduction. Even the frame is enlarged 5 times you will never notice the shaking.

Two become one

Only one 18650 battery keeps the run-time long as two 18350 batteries. Stronger, more exquisite.

Charging by USB port

Charge the stabilizer by connecting power to the USB port. You don't have to worry about running-down problem any more.


The special designed Zhiyun camera APP makes it easy to operate camera by pressing power button and by pushing the shifter lever. Quick setting focus, shutter and shooting, switching between front/main camera, switching photo/video mode.


Model: Smooth-II

Dimension: l115mm W34.5mm H285mm

Operation current: 250mA

Operation temperature: -10°C-45°C

Run-time: 5h

Weight: 395gBattery excluded

Payload weight: 200g

Tilt axis mechanical movement range: 270°

Roll axis mechanical movement range: 90°

Pan axis mechanical movement range: 360°


Name: Zhiyun Li-ion battery

Model: 18650Li-ion

Capacity: 3400mAh

Voltage: 3.7V

Battery type: Li-ion

Whole battery weight: 45gSingle

Charging temperature: 0°C-45°C

Discharge temperature: -10°C-45°C

Storage temperature: 25°CRoom temperature

maximum charging current: 800mA

Support smartphones

Model: Almost all smartphones

Maximum smartphone width: 81.5mm (Maximum mount stretching width

Minimum  smartphone width: 55mm (Minimum mount stretching width


Name: Zhiyun Li-ion battery charger

Model: 18650 Li-ion battery charger

Input voltage: 5V

Charging current: 800mA

Wireless remote controller

Name: Zhiyun wireless remote controller

Model: ZW-BO1

Run-time: ≥50h

Maximum valid signal range: 10m(No interferenceNo shelter

Battery type: Li-ion

Charging pattern: 5V adapter or USB

Operation temperature: 0°C-40°C

Charging temperature: 0°C-40°C

Capacity: 150mAh

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