CineMilled All Terrain Shoes for Gimbal Ring Feet

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CineMilled All Terrain Shoes for Gimbal Ring Feet - 2pc

Long take outdoors? You need to set the gimbal down to adjust something in between takes?Now with CineMilled “All terrain Shoes” for our gimbal ring feet you can do it on any surface!

Bring new practicality to you Pro Ring, MoVI ring or you newer DJI ring. For action sport shooters or wildlife shoots where you don’t have a stand and you might be in all kinda of terrain….like the desert, dunes, sandy beaches, snow or soft dirt….now you can safely put the gimbal down and make the changes you need (add a filter, swap a lens, re-balance) and continue to get the shots you need to bring you creativity to life no matter where you are!

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