Kessler Crane KC-8 / KC-12 - Starter Kit

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Kessler Crane KC-8 / KC-12 - Starter Kit

KC-8 available for 1.667,12 € + Tax
KC-12 available for 2.113,47 € + Tax

This kit includes everything you need for a functional 8' or 12' crane, complete with K-Pod Tripod, Hercules 2.0 Head, and the Crane.

Note: The 12' Crane includes the Extended Weight Bar and Vertical Brake.

Configurable for Your Needs
The Kessler Crane is available in a variety of sizes and configurations. Building the perfect crane for your needs is simple. Select the size needed, either 8' or 12' lengths are available. You may also add an 18ft upgrade kit to your starter kit to have a crane at our maximum offered length.

Vertical Brake
When the Kessler Crane® is not in motion protect it from unwanted vertical movement with this braking system. Simply tighten the knob and the crane will stay in the angle you place it allowing you to film locked down static shots as well.  This add-on is included with both the 8' and 12' crane.

Tilt Control
The Kessler Crane features manual, fixed-angle and automatic tilt control for ultimate versatility, making it the perfect tool for any crane application.

Adjustable Weight Bar
Balance in any crane or jib is essential to easy use and camera stability. With the adjustable weight bar system users can change rigs on the fly with the weights on hand and readjust the crane's weight bar to accommodate the weight changes.

Internal Sleeve Bearings
Smooth motion can be the difference between high quality production value and the appearance of an amateur video. The Kessler Crane features internal sleeve bearings which ensure when you use the crane, every move is smooth.

Portable Disassembly
Kessler understands shooters are on the move. The Kessler Crane is built with portability in mind and easy disassembly ensures this is possible.

Lifetime Warranty
Backed by our manufacturer's Lifetime Warranty, we guarantee that it is free from defects in material and workmanship, otherwise we'll fix it.

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