Feiyu-Tech a1000 Handheld Gimbal

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Feiyu-Tech a1000 Handheld Gimbal

Series Stabilizer for DSLR/Mirrorless Camera

shoot like a pro with ease

Compatible Cameras:

Full visual scope without cover!

What you see is what you get!

Benifits from the new optimization algorithm,a1000 adopts 45° elevation design at rolling axis, not only guarantee the stability,also, insure the viewfinder screen will not be covered by rolling axis. Thus, users can accurately compose the pictures without external monitor.

Rolling motor of a1000 is designed to be slant. Thus, the screen of the camera will not be sheltered by rolling motor again, and makes photography easier.

The design of dismountable main body and handle gives more possibilities of accessory extension in future. And it is easy to shift from single handheld model to 2 handheld model, can satisfy different needs.

Innovative design of foldable handle is wrapped by silica gel on the surface. It gives users more comfortable feeling of hand touch at any time.

Time-lapse photography function can “compress” time, help users to shoot amazing videos containing the beauties of time change, which can’t be caught by human eyes. Auto-rotation function and automatic shutter function of a series make dynamic time-lapse photography easier.

Innovative optimization algorithm

Innovative and high performance chips make the gimbal work perfectly. The torque of the motor is stronger.New optimization algorithm saves the redundant power, meanwhile,the motor can adapt itself automatically to work with camera of different weights, no need for parameter setting.

Rotation angle of 3-axis 360° without limit

The adoption of slip ring motors at panning axis, tilting axis and rolling axis makes these 3-axis implement rotation at 360° without limit.

The adoption of damping sliding arm makes the balance adjustment more convenient and easier.

User-friendly damping sliding arm with strong mechanical sensitivity, help a2000 achieve accurate balance when mount with various cameras of different weights.Please view a1000 videosPlease view a2000 videos

There are nine 1/4 inch thread interfaces could be compatible with all external accessories with1/4 thread such as tripod,It could be also compatible with cold shoe mount adapter with LED fill light / flash light/soft light and other lightings. Flexible light supplement and broaden scene application of low light.

Function button

Integrated with 4-way joystick control technology, it can adjust axis angle in all directions and accurately perceive the feedback of finger driving force, achieve dynamic movement of the lens in the smooth movement.

12 hours long working time

a series gimbals come with 2 pcs of Li-ion batteries:18650, with longer battery endurance, and its working time is up to 12 hours in ideal 

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