Feiyu-Tech G5 Handheld Gimbal

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Feiyu-Tech G5 Handheld Gimbal

Capture clear,stable images at all times,360-degree panorama shots.The G5 is an advanced build which is entirely splash-proof,perfect for use in rain and wet conditions.Automatic rotation and camera time lapse photography,resulting in fascinating video.Lets you break through your limitations and be creative all the time.

Strong inner core,full of power

Reconstruction of the system algorithm with a new high-performance chip, stability of the motor has been greatly improved with automatic output power matching. The result is an energy efficient device that saves power with increased efficiency.

View delayed photographic samples >

Time-lapse photography

Time-lapse photography compresses time invisible to the naked eye. The G5 stabilizers automatic rotating function matches with Gopro’s time-lapse photography mode so you can get a unique mobile delay video.

Simple and easy to use the track memory program, without the Feiyu On app, which can be set within 10 seconds on the handle rotation track.

Use G5 to shoot

Without G5 to shoot

Professional video becomes so simple for everyone

Feiyu gimbal professional anti-shake technology,eliminates the need for post-processing,creating easy to shoot stable professional movies at your fingertips.

Adaptive motion camera


        Ant 4K   mfox    AEE

High accuracy brush-less/Low power consumption motors

->Buffering cotton

->Trigger on


->Long screw fixture

  • Buffering cotton

    Buffering cotton protects the camera, improving the quality of sound

  • Trigger on

    Long press the back trigger key on enter the lock mode, Long press the back trigger key +joystick up / down, adjust APP lens zoom double click trigger key, panning axis reset.

  • Double click trigger key, panning axis reset

    The G5 employs redesigned counterweights to adjust its gravity center for GoPro HERO5, HERO4 and action cameras of various weight.

  • Classic Long screw fixture

    The G5 reintroduces the sophisticated long screw fixture to secure your action cameras. Even in the dark you can effortlessly find and tighten the screws to fast install your camera. The loss-proof design ensures your screws soundly stay on your jig even after violent shakes.

Self-timer button

Function button


Innovative operation interface, a key direct

A new generation of family operating template design, simplify the operation logic, enhance the use of experience to translate four-way rocker, you can use the fingers to control the different axial movement of the PTZ, switching control switch and multi-mode switch.

A key self-timer, the most convenient perspective switch

G5 self-timer shortcuts, press the self-timer shortcut keys automatically rotate the camera, keep the wonderful moments, face tracking, commentary, video diary, lens switching has never been so convenient

The new APP on the line, intelligent Internet 

Bluetooth can be connected to the phone APP, smart remote control automatic calibration, firmware upgrade, parameter setting

Comprehensive extended compatibility

By the 1/4 screw ports in the middle and at the bottom of the gimbal, you can install numerous types of accessories to expand your approaches of photography

8 Hours operation time

The G5 has a heavy duty ICR 22650 battery which offers 8 hours of stable work duration for your long time outdoor work

Foldable design for everyday transport

G5 random standard storage soft package. Shut down, the body can be folded into the soft bag, making it easy to carry

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