Syrp Genie Motion Control Timelapse Head

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All in One Motion Control - 360° Panorama & Timelapse - Pulley

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syrp genie motion control head
revolutionnary Motion Control Head
Behind the Scenes Video to demonstrate what is possible with the Genie
The Genie! A simple, affordable and extremely easy to use device used for motion control and image capture for Time Lapse Photography + more. 
The key to the Genie is that it can be used with any existing film equipment apparatus on the market including Tripods, Sliders, Jib Arms, cable cams or even your office chair! Flick through the features.
  • Very small and mobile, it easily fits in with your other gear
syrp genie motion control head
  • Linear Timelapse Shots with unlimited reach
syrp genie motion control head
  • Panning and 360° shots
syrp genie motion control head
  • HDR Timelapse
syrp genie motion control head

Technical Specs:
L: 102mm
W: 102mm
H: 102mm
Maximum Speed in video mode
Linear - 100cm / 45 sec
Panning - 360 degrees / 5 secs.
Li-ion 11.1V
Battery Life
12 hours run time - based off a timelapse recording running for 12 hours straight on a horizontal track. Note: Battery life will vary according to other factors, such as how much weight is used on the device, whether it's used in time lapse or video mode and whether the Genie is being used for moves on an incline.
Power Supply
Input : 240/110 50/60hz AC
Output : 15V 1.5A DC

What's in the Box:
1 x Genie
1 x Panning Mount
1 x Linear Mount
1 x Shutter Release Cable (please indicate your camera)
1 x 3 m High Performance Rope
1 x International Wall Charger
2 x Slider Mounts
4 x Slider Straps
1 x User Guide
Shutter Release Cable Options - please indicate your camera upon order
  1. 3L - OLYMPUS: Olympus E620,E600, E520, E510, E450, E420, E410, EM5, EP3,EP2,EP1, E30,E3, SP-­‐ 570UZ, SP-­‐560 UZ, SP-­‐550 UZ, SP-­‐510 UZ.
  2. 3N - NIKON: Nikon D7000, D5300, D5200, D5100, D5000, D3200, D3100, D600, D610, D90, Df.
  3. 2N - NIKON: Nikon D80, D70s.
  4. 1S - SONY: Sony A900, A850, A700, A580, A550, A500,A450, A350, A300, A200, A100, A99, A77, A65, A57, A55, A35, A33.
  5. 1N - NIKON: Nikon D1, D1X, D2, D2H, D2HS, D2X, D2XS, D800E, D800, D700, D300S, D300, D200, D4, D4s, D3X, D3. Fujifilm S5 Pro, S3 Pro. Kodak DCS Pro 14n.
  6. 3C - CANON: Canon EOS 7D, 50D, 40D, 30D, 5D, 20D, 10D,5D MaxrkIII, 5D Mark II, 1D X, 1D C 1D Mark IV, 1D(s)Mark III, 1D(s)Mark II(N).
  7. 1C - CANON: Canon EOS 1100D(T3),1000D (XS), 650D(T4i), 600D(T3i),550D(T2i), 500D (T1i),450D (XSi), 400D (XTi),350D(XT), 300D, 300V, 300, 60D, 60Da, 50E, 50, 33, 30, 3000.
    Canon Powershot G1X,G10, G11, G12. Contax N Digital NX, N1, 645 / Samsung GX 1L, GX 1S, GX-10.
    Pentax K100D, K110D, K10D, K20D, K200D*ist DS2, K-5, *ist D, *ist Ds, *ist *ist DL MZ-­‐6, ZX-­L, MZ-­‐L, *ist DL2
  8. 1P PANASONIC: Panasonic DMC-­FZ20, DMC-­FZ30S, L1, GH1, GH2, GH3, GH4, DIGILUX3, DMC-­FZ20k, DMC-­FZ50K, DIGILUX 2, DMC-­GF1, DMC-­FZ100, DIGILUX2, DMC-­FZ20S, DMC-­FZ50S, DIGILUX 3, DMC-­G2, DMC-­FZ30, DMC-­FZ50, L-­10, DMC-­G3, DMC-­FZ30K, LC-­1, DMC-­G1, DMC-­G10
  9. IR - MIXED: Sony a7, a7r, a7s, a3000, a5000, a6000, Sony NEX, Nikon 1 Series, As well as other brands with an infrared receiver, Canon, Nikon, Minolta, Panasonic, Sony, Olympus.
syrp genie motion control head
syrp genie motion control head 

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