Slidekamera - DUAL support for sliders

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DUAL support for sliders 

provides additional support for a slider mounted on a tripod.

Mounting slider to a tripod

DUAL support for sliders comes with two types of mounting:

Dedicated mounting for Slidekamera HST-2/HST-3 tripods

Universal mounting used with sliders of different brands.

DUAL support set comes with two balls with 3/8" thread. Attaching the balls to the clamping grips allows to mount the support on tripods with tubular legs.

Mounting your slider horizontally, vertically or at any desirable angle to tripods available on the market using DUAL support.

In order to mount the slider on a tripod using DUAL universal support, the slider must be equipped with 3/8" hole at the end of the rail.

Support construction

Telescopic design of the support
(extension range of 48,5-73,5cm ) allows for wide adjustment range during mounting.

Double arm design of DUAL support prevents the tripod and the slider from any unnecessary movement in two planes, thus ensuring excellent bracing of the tripod.

Ball joints at both ends of each arm provide a wide range of smooth, fast and accurate deflection of the device.

Strong clamps allow to lock the arm of the support in any desirable position.

Set includes:

telescopic aluminium arms

four ball joints with a clamps that lock in any position

two types of mounting (universal for tripods available on the market and mounting dedicated to Slidekamera tripods)

user manual

IMPORTANT: In order to use DUAL support when mounting the slider on a tripod of different brand it is necessary to purchase proper clamping grips. Grip working range should be selected depending on tripod leg diameter.



provides stability of the tripod and the slider in two planes (vertical and horizontal)

Minimum length:


Maximum length:


Mounting holes:

two 3/8" holes




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