Aputure A.Lyra

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Aputure A.Lyra

From Analog to Digital

The A.Lyra is the first broadcast grade digital microphone from Aputure, featuring a superior digital audio converter, resulting in an organicaluminum and brass, this lavaliere is made for higher quality audio and long-term use. The A. Lyra can turn your phone, tablet or computer into a mobile professional recording solution.


Mobile Sound Studio

Podcasts, live streams, Interviews or filmmaking are just a few uses with this mic system. The A. Lyra is small enough to fit in your pocket, but powerful enough to handle nearly any situation.

Designed for Apple Devices

Equipped with USB-C port, the A.Lyra's I/O ports allow for digital audio with built-in support for future devices and metadata. What's more, the A.Lyra supports play back monitoring or real-time monitoring (with app support). Apps recommendation: Apogee MetaRecorder, Tape by Focusrite, etc.

Small Enough to Take Anywhere

Compact and easy to carry, the combined weight of the lavaliere and digital microphone is only 45g, a size so unassuming you can use it at a moments notice

Storage and Portability

Each A. Lyra comes equipped with a hard case for storage and silicon sleeve for protection from bad weather and constant use. What's more, the included windshield and windscreen can further protect the microphone from wind noise outside. This audio system is designed to be a reliable and a long-term voice recording solution.

Reliability & Durability

With a brass capsule that allows for better recording quality & an aircraft grade aluminum body, our latest mic system doesn't compromise in any way. The build quality and craftsmanship makes the A.Lyra a trusted microphone solution for many years of operation.

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