Zacuto Z-CINE Cine Baseplate Kit

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Cine Baseplate Kit


Zacuto Z-CINE


The Cine kit is ideal for the cinematographer shooting film style on a tripod, dolly or Steadicam. Zacuto was the first to design a camera package using rods behind the camera for mounting and counterbalance. The mount behind the camcorder holds batteries to power the monitor and accessories and provide a counterbalance to offset the weight of the camera and accessories. The Zamerican arm uses Zacuto Z-Release technology to quickly release the monitor or hard drive to make setup and location moves quick and easy. Attach your wireless microphone receiver, down-converters or video transmitters to the wireless plate and you are ready to shoot!


Zacuto Z-CINE




  •     Universal Baseplate
  •     Doublemount
  •     Red Plate
  •     Wireless Plate
  •     Zroundmount
  •     Battery Plate
  •     Zamerican V3 Large Arm
  •     Zicromount III

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