LANPARTE Monopod V-lock plate

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The monopod V-lock plate MVLP-01 is an ultra lightweight plate for ENG camera with V mount. Compare to the traditional VCT-14 plate, it is only 295gram. 

The cameraman can mount it on the monopod via the 1/4 or 3/8 thread directly and slide the ENG camera into the standard V-lock to lock the camera. With the MVLP-01, the cameraman can hold the ENG camera on shoulder to shoot for hours. Besides that, The V lock plate is rotatable which can adjust direction to shoulder support mode and monopod mode to keep the best balance for the whole camera kit. 

To release the ENG camera is the same as a traditional VCT-14 bottom plate, pressing the safety button to quickly slide off the ENG camera in 1 second.

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