Walimex Pro 16/2,2 VDSLR Canon EF-S Black

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Developed for videography and photography

With the wide angle lens from walimex pro your are well equipped for videography as well as photography, without time consuming changing of lenses. The aperture can be infinitely adjusted, which minimizes transitions in exposure time. Both the aperture ring and the focus ring are provided with a gear rim and have thus been optimized for use with focussing facilities (Follow Focus Systems). Lens for APS cameras!

Expressive and bright landscape photographs

With its wide picture angle and its excellent focal depth, the walimex pro 16/2,2 APS with a focal length of 16mm is most suitable for expressive landscape photography and also as a reporter's lens. The high lens speed of 1:2,2 enables a very good exposure time for optimal photos, even under unfavourable light conditions, and can thus also be excellently used indoors. With manual focussing and aperture setting. The close-up distance is 20 cm.

Expensive optical design for excellent image quality

An expensive optical design with 13 multi-coated glass lenses, two of which are aspherical lenses, ensure a particularly high imaging power. The use of ED glass components corrects chromatic and aperture aberrations, so that disturbing colour fringes are prevented and the image quality is considerably enhanced. The multi-coated lenses prevent reflections and thus supply the image with more light. Moreover, the coating also enhances the contrast and results in a more brilliant colour rendering

Upmarket workmanship

The metal housing is very robust and impresses with its noble optics. Besides the high-quality optics, the detachable lens hood, which prevents lateral incident stray light and lens reflections, also ensures optimal imaging results. The filter thread has a diameter of 77mm.

Technical Specifications

Focal length16mm
Lens speed1:2.2
Lenses / Groups13 / 11
Picture angleAPS-C: 79.5°
Near focussing limit0.2m
Filter diameter77mm
AperturesT2,2 ~ 22
Diameter / length:approx. 83mm / approx. 90mm


1x walimex pro 16/2,2 lens for Canon EF, incl. protective cover and lens pouch and lens hood

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