RigLand Camera Top Plate for Kinefinity Mavo and Terra - 689

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Color: Top plate for Kinefinity Mavo & Terra

Key Features:

1. Compatibility with Kinefinity MAVO and TERRA, mounted to top of camera via four 1/4-20" screws.

2. The central hollow of the top plate helps the camera to dissipate heat.

3. There are six Arri location holes and multiple 1/4-20" screw holes for mounting other accessories.

4. There is a Nato rail on the top plate, so that you can mounting a nato handle without another nato rail extra.

5. There are two M3 screw holes and two location holes for mounting monitor support.

Material: Aluminum alloy

net weight: 78.5g

Package includes:

1x top plate

6x 1/4-20" screws

1x spanner

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