SMALLRIG Metabones Lens Adapter Support 1787

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SMALLRIG Metabones Lens Adapter Support 1787 is an effective protector for camera lens and a strong supporter of Metabones lens adapter foot. Without it, the lens mount would be easily cracked under the lens pressure, especially the heavy and long lens; and the photographing signal would be quitted once in a while. If happened, it's really a letdown during shooting!
Between the Metabones lens adapter and the cage 1661, the Lens adapter support is designed to anticipate a compact mounting point.

1. Beautifully form-fitting with Metabones adapter;
2. Exquisite, compact and useful.

Metabones T Smart Adapter Mark Ⅳ

1x Lens Support Adapter
4x M4 screw
2x M5 screw     
3x hex spanner

Net Weight: 34g
Dimension: 38.0x25.8x13.6mm
Material: aluminium alloy

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