SMALLRIG Sony PXW-FS5 Top Plate (Two-Part) 1796

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SMALLRIG Sony PXW-FS5 Top Plate (Pair) 1796 is a new product dedicated to Sony PXW-FS5 camcorder for solving the problem that there is no additional space for attaching accessories.

* It is composed of two dedicated and exactly the same small plates.
* Fixed the small plates to the camera through 1/4"-20 screws on both sides, provided the super security, as well as the non-interference with the operation of original handlegrip.
* Additional 1/4"-20 and 3/8"-16 thread holes allows you to mount accessories such as Ball Heads Mounts or EVF Mounts etc.

Key Features:
1. Smaller and Lightweight;
2. Super security provide by two dedicated small plates;
3. Completely symmetrical structure;
4. Non-interference with the operation of original handlegrip and focal plane screw;
5. Offering the ability to seamlessly integrate accessories.

2x Sony fs5 top plate 1823
1x Hex Spanner
4x 1/4'' screw

Net Weight: 106g
Package Weight: 162g
Dimensions: 120*30*16mm
Package size: 157*83*42mm
Material: Aluminum alloy

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