Cinemilled Steadicam Adaptor for DJI Ronin / Ronin-M / Ronin-MX / Freefly MōVI / Tilta Gravity

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Mount your DJI Ronin/MōVI to a Steadicam arm for 4th axis vertical stabilization, a great solution to take the weight off your arms!

**Please note an Universal Mount adaptor is required in order to make it work. Please make sure to order an “Universal” Ronin quick plate mount below.**

**For use on the Ronin M/MX or MōVI, you will need one 2″ Delrin shim, HD-CM-702.**

Choose a Steadicam Adapter Size and write the size into the order note or order via email.

1. 1/2“ - Tiffen Pilot,Scout,Zephyr

2. 16mm

3. 19mm - ActionCam

4. 3/4“ - Tiffen G70

5. 5/8“ - PRO/3A/Silver Spring/X-20,30,45&GOLD

6. 7/8“ - Glidecam X-10

Product Description

Mount your DJI Ronin or Freefly MōVI (along with the MōVI mount) to a Steadicam arm for 4th axis vertical stabilization and to take the weight off your arms!
First, you will need our “Ronin quick plate” **Required** or the the MōVI mount. Simply mount this adaptor to your “CineMilled Ronin Quick Plate” then slide your handlebars thru it and slide your RONIN into the mount and secure. Then have an assistant help you slide the the adaptor onto your Steadicam arm directly into the Steadicam arm “Armpost”. It then can be secured via a pinch bolt and a aircraft style safety pin. This will vertically stabilize your Ronin via the Steadicam arm and also take all the weight off your arms and distribute into your body via the comfortable Steadicam vest. You will never want to use an Easyrig again!
Please watch the videos for a detailed look at the CineMilled Steadicam arm adaptor and it’s assembly and use.

Here is what’s included in the kit. The Steadicam arm adaptor(includes pinch bolt), 4 long allen bolts with shoulder, Aircraft style safety push pin(goes thru the armpost for 100% safety) and the 4 handlebar “blocks”.

Complete Assembled Steadicam arm adaptor using our “Universal” Ronin Quick Plate.

GPI PRO (Armpost Size 5/8″)

  • ATLAS 13-45lbs (8 canisters)
  • TITAN 13-72lbs (6 canisters)

Tiffen (Armpost Size Varies)

  • 1/2″ – Scout 2-18lbs
  • 1/2″ – Zephyr 2-23lbs
  • 5/8″ – G40  up to 40lbs
  • 5/8″ – G50 12-50lbs
  • 5/8″ – G60 13-70lbs
  • 3/4″ – G70
  • EFP/Master series/3A – 5/8″

Glidecam (Armpost Size Varies)

  • 7/8″ – X-10 = 5-20lbs
  • 5/8″ – X-20 = 20-30lbs
  • 5/8″ – X-30 = 20-30lbs
  • 5/8″ – X-45 = 50lbs

Action Products (Armpost Size 19mm)

  • Raptor 8-23lbs (heavy spring kit) 14-34lbs
  • Rebel Pro up to – 77lbs

  • 16mm


We can do custom orders/sizes!!


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