CineMilled XL Counterweight

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CineMilled XL Counterweight


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Unlock more camera build options with our Counterweights! For use with our PRO Dovetail and PAN Counterweight System.


The CineMilled Counterweights are available in 3 sizes, 1_, 2_ or XL. They are threaded male/female so you can attach one to the other as you need. This counterweight system is the key to unlocking ne configurations possibly without the need for arm extensions, tilt extensions and pan extensions. Or if your trying to balance large odd camera configurations on a extended Ronin or M_VI. Works in conjunction with our PRO Dovetail and Pan balance mounts.

1_ weighs 5.6 oz
2_ weighs 11.5 oz
XL weighs 34.9 oz
Machined from 302 Stainless Steel

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