RigLand Holder Grip for Zhiyun Crane, Crane V2, Crane 2, Crane Plus, Crane m Gimbal Stabilizer - 682

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  • RigLand holder grip design for Zhiyun Crane, Crane V2, Crane 2, Crane Plus, Crane m Gimbal Stabilizer.
  • It can be very firmly locked on the stabilizer and will not scratch the stabilizer, it has a lot of features to meet the various needs of your stabilizer, you can mount a variety of equipment to it such as monitors, microphones, led light and so on,and can adjust the angle.
  • Its size is moderate, just enough to meet the size of your palm, and there is enough space between it and the stabilizer to allow you to perform any operation on the stabilizer.
  • The baseplate has enough threaded holes to connect Zhiyun's original tripod and other quick release plates of various sizes, making it easy to place it on the ground and attach it to other tripods.
  • It's very lightweight, you can hold it with one hand and no other accessories, you can also use with RigLand's ARRI rosette wooden side handle, so that you have a better handheld feel, it applies to both sides, allowing you to connect more equipment.

Key Features:
1.It is compatible with the Zhiyun Crane, Crane V2, Crane 2, Crane Plus, Crane m.
2.Provides 1/4”-20 threaded holes and Locating points for accessories mounting.
3.Firmly locked on the stabilizer, the rubber gasket on the bottom can prevents the stabilizer from scratching.
4.A lot of screw holes provides access for your DIY operations.
5.The top plate with the cold shoe mount and the 1/4-20" screw to attach the monitor,microphone and led light and so on.
6.The top plate can be adjusted to meet the angle you need.
7.The side with a standard ARRI rosette and locating screw hole.

Package Includes:
1 x Holder grip
1 x Hex Spanner

Product Max Dimensions: 203.5x59.5x175mm
Net Weight: 275g
Material(s): Aluminum Alloy

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