Cinemilled Universal Gimbal Dock

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The professional solution for docking any gimbal from any brand using any ring or any handlebar. The dock is adjustable for width and depth. Make it deeper for long lens builds, make it wider or narrower depending on your handlebar configuration or brand.

Complete adjustability for the professional Gimbal operator!

Principal features;
-Adjustable for width.
-Adjustable for depth.
-Handlebar “safety locks” so that the handlebar tube can’t pop out during transport.
-Sturdy construction for heavy builds.
-Built in 5/8″ baby pin so that you can still mount other devices like our ready rig dock.
-Can be used with our mitchell collar to mount to a crane and be used as a safe mid-shot “transfer device.”
-Optional tool holder
-Optional loops for poor mans cable cam or descender/ascender rigging.

Optional multi-use “grip” loops
Use these “loops” to create a poor man’s cable cam using ropes and pulley’s or even a descending/ascending rope and pulley setup for your gimbal.

Compatible with:

-CineMilled PRO Ring
-Original Movi Ring.
-MoviPRO Ring
-DJI Ring
-All 30mm and 25mm handlebar tubes

Optional Tool Holder for Universal Gimbal dock
Convenient tool holder give you quick access to your most useful gimbal “tools” like allen wrenches and screwdrivers.

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