RigLand Mount Adapter for DJI Ronin s - 684

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  • Color: Mount Adapter for DJI Ronin s

     Key Features:

    1. Compatibility with DJI ronin s , mounted to the side of ronin s via two M4 screws after taking off  the original DJI plate which covers the electronic contacts.

    2. The shape of adapter is similar to the original focus of  ronin s, after mounted to the ronin s , the overall appearance is consistent, like the two wings of the ronin s.

    3. There are two cold shoe mount in the top and bottom of the adapter for mounting flash light and microphone and so on.

    4. The side of adapter is a NATO rail(with anti-off) and there are multiple 1/4-20" and 3/8-16" screw holes for mounting other accessories such as magic arm and so on.

    5. The weight of the adapter is very light, only 40g, the volume is very small, don't worry that it will greatly increase the weight of the stabilizer and take up too much space.

        In design, we make the most function with the smallest volume.


     Package includes: 

       1 x Mount adapter

       1 x Hex Spanner

       2 x two M4 screws


     Product Dimensions:49x34x34mm


     Material(s): Aluminum Alloy