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Kinefinity TERRA 6K
Super 35mm cinema camera

Note: from now on TERRA cameras can only be ordered with built-in KineMOUNT.

Kinefinity's KineMOUNT - you can use different adapters (EF,PL,Nikon) from KInefinity and you are flexible with your lenses. You can not use the camera only with the Kinemount and without Adapters.


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Image FormatFormatResolutionmax fps@KineRAWmax fps@ProRes
S356K HD5760x32403030
6K HD Wide5760x24003040
4K HD (Oversample)3840x2160N/A30
4K HD Wide  (Oversample)3840x1600N/A40
4K HD (HiSpeed)3840x21607474
4K HD Wide (HiSpeed)3840x1600100100
Golden 3K2880x16203030
Golden 3K Wide2880x12004040
M4/34.3K 4:3 Anamorphic4320x32403030
4K 4:3 Anamorphic4096x30723030
4K Wide4096x17165656
4K HD3840x21604444
4K HD Wide3840x16006060
3K HD (HiSpeed)2880x1620115115
3K HD Wide (HiSpeed)2880x1200150150
Golden 2.2K Ana2176x16203030
Golden 2K Ana2048x15363030
Golden 2K2048x10804444
Golden 2K Wide2048x8605454
Golden 2K HD1920x10804444
Golden 2K HD Wide1920x8006060
3K Wide3072x12807575
3K HD2880x16205959
3K HD Wide2880x12007575
2K (HiSpeed)2048x1080170170
2K Wide (HiSpeed)2048x800200200
2K HD (HiSpeed)1920x1080170170
2K HD Wide (HiSpeed)1920x800225225
2K Wide2048x860110110
2K HD1920x10808888
2K HD Wide1920x800118118

Note: Frame Rate can be adjusted as 6~MAX fps, step accuracy of 0.001fps.


Camera TypeS35mm Film-Style Digital Cinema Camera
Sensor Type6K S35 Format CMOS
Shutter TypeRolling Shutter
Lens MountNew Lock-Style EF Mount/Ti Alloy PL Mount/Ti Alloy KineMOUNT
Record FormatsCodec TypeCodec FormatBit Depth
Compressed Lossless KineRAW.krw12bits*All Resolution
ProRes422HQ/422/422LT/Proxy.mov10bits*Major Resolution
Record Resolution6K4K(4:3*)Golden 3KGolden 2K
MAX FPS30@6K100@4K Wide150@3K Wide225@2K Wide
Dynamic Range14 f-stops/16 f-stops*6K/Golden 3K
ISOMax ExposureBaseMAX
80800/160020480*6K/Golden 3K
Shutter Angle0.7°~358°
MonitoringKineMON Port x1HD Port x1SDI x2
1080p/720p1080p/720p1080p/720p*SDI applicable on KineBACK
Sync FunctionTally, AutoSlate, Beeper, Trigger, SMPTE LTC, 3D/Multi-cam Sync*Applicable on KineBACK
LUTPreset: Neutral/Flat, Support Custom LUT
Record Media2.5' SSD with x1 Slot
Audio CaptureIn-camera MIC; 3.5mm MIC-in; KineAudio* with 48V Phantom Power XLR*Applicable on KineBACK
PowerDC INConsumption
6~19V/KineGrip/Bat Mount*21W*Applicable on KineBACK
Weight (Body,g)990(EF mount)*Only Body, no Accessories
Size (WxHxL, mm)115x110x95(KineMOUNT)/115x110x120(EF)*Without projections
Operating Temp0°C to +40°C


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  • Payment via bank wire without additional fees.
  • Payment via Paypal add. 2% paypal fees to the final price. In this case we will send you a paypal payment request via email, please do not order directly via the shop. If ordered directly via the shop we will send you an invoice for additional 2% paypal fees, until the full payment is covered the order is not considered completed.


TERRA, Cinema Camera with high performance, while easy to be used like DSLR for video shooting. It is so light down to 920g! Employing S35 frame CMOS sensor, it can record up to 5K or 6K resolution; 4K slow-mo up to 100fps, 2K slow-mo up to 200fps. ProRes422HQ(.mov) and lossless RAW(.krw) can be recorded in-camera on 2.5′ SSD directly, so TERRA speeds up post-workflow greatly if using ProRes and also keeps max room for post processing if using lossless RAW(.krw).

No Boundaries for cinematographers equipped with TERRA.
Powerful CMOS Sensor: Dual Shutter Modes

TERRA has two versions based on different CMOS sensor: TERRA 5K and TERRA 6K.

TERRA 5K is the only one cinema camera with dual shutter modes in the market. That means TERRA 5K could choose rolling shutter to get widest latitude, lowest noise level and fastest frame rates, and also switch to Global shutter to get zero-distortion in moving situation. The latitude is up to 15 f-stops at rolling shutter, and 13 f-stops at global shutter. 5K@60fps, 4K@100fps, 2K@200fps.

TERRA 6K employs the same 6K CMOS sensor (rolling shutter) with KineMAX 6K. That means TERRA 6K captures same amazing images in wide colour gamut, and same high fps at different resolution. The latitude is up to 16 f-stops at golden 3K/2K, and 14 f-stops at 6K/4K. 6K@25fps, 4K@100fps(HiSpeed mode), 2K@225fps(HiSpeed mode).
Super Lightweight: One-man Job

TERRA camera body is low down to only 920g, and its size is only one half or one third of other so-called MINI cameras in the cinema camera markets. With the lightly more weight and larger size than DSLR, TERRA can work with most of light Gimbal, also handheld. It consumes much less than other cinema RAW cameras, so that it can be powered by BP-30 batteries, for 60~120 mins.

TERRA can work with new designed KineGRIP and 5′ full HD KineMON-5L as field monitor launched by Kinefinity. Then it would be most compact system for handheld shooting situation.
Super Fast Post Workflow: ProRes+RAW

TERRA can record up to 5K or 6K ProRes 422HQ directly to get super fast workflow with very high quality footages: ProRes 422HQ (10bits) is much better than codecs based on H264, and compatible with all post-workflow softwares. Actually, TERRA is the only camera which can record ProRes 422HQ up to 5K or 6K in the market.

For maximum room for grading, you can choose to record clips as compressed lossless RAW as KineRAW(.krw) which is supported by SCRATCH v8.4, and can be transcoded into CinemaDNG and ProRes by KineStation which is a software provided by Kinefinity.

KineBACK Module:

TERRA itself contains necessary interfaces which can meet requirements of one-man job or small team. Attaching KineBACK module to TERRA, the TERRA will includes all professional ports and interfaces for a large crew in production:

  • KineAudio: supports Phantom 48V MIC, dual XLR ports; Audio DAC SNR up to 110dB;
  • 3G-SDI output for monitoring: Dual 3G-SDI monitoring ports, not for recording;
  • Timecode input and output: compatible with mainstream timecode devices, like Ambient;
  • SYNC: 3D/Multi-camera/VR syncing circuits. Just need one cable to turn two cameras into full syncing state (CMOS Sensor scan sync, timecode sync, frame sync and parameter sync);
  • DC Power outputs: Output dual regulated DC outputs of 12V@1A;
  • SONY-V or Anton-Bauer battery plate: V-mount battery plate is made of metal with better release button, very rugged for different situation. And the battery plate contains two D-Tap outputs.

Covering so many functions with length of 38mm, perfect matching to camera body.


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