Kinefinity EF Mounting Adapter II (standard)

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Newly designed EF mounting adapter for TERRA with KineMOUNT, supports most EF lenses on TERRA.

Cordless, lightweight and electronic protection are the main features making the new adapter superior than the previous versions.

Newly designed EF mounting adapter enables TERRA to support most EF lenses right after you mount it on KineMOUNT. (Please visit and buy the  EF Mounting Adapter II with KineEnhancer if you want to shoot with Full Frame lenses.)

It is quite easy and reliable to mount EF adapter to KineMOUNT, just like attaching an EF lens to an EF mount.

  1. New locking type mounting system: improve mechanical performance greatly;
  2. Cordless: the new adapter needs no cord when mounted on KineMOUNT;
  3. Hot-swap: change your lenses while the camera is on;
  4. Electronic contacts: Support majority of EF lens with Iris control;
  5. Simple but reliable connection: the new mounting adapter matches KineMOUNT perfectly without any cord;
  6. Lightweight: specially designed for TERRA, it weighs only 150g, but still reliable and robust.

EF Lens Compatible White-List: EF LENS COMPATIBILITY

Attention: Power down camera when swapping different adapters, else camera or adapters may be burned. 

How to Attach the EF lens to the EF mount?

Steps of attaching EF lens to lock-style EF mount as following, are very different from DSLR lens and camera:

  1. Rotate locking ring of EF mount clockwise till stop;
  2. Take off all the caps or covers from camera and lens mount;
  3. Align red dot on lens, white line on locking ring and dot on mount. And make sure that the pin on mount matches the hole of lens;
  4. Rotate locking ring (NOT lens) counter-clockwise until fastened firmly.

Note: please hold the lens to prevent the lens from dropping accidentally when loosening the locking ring to remove the lens.

Perfect creation with Enhanced performance by KineEnhancer

KineEnhancer turns Kine camera from S35 to Full Frame camera (Very closely) and increase maximum iris to One f-stop when using Full Frame EF lens.

The features of KineEnhancer based on optical precision include:

  1. Focal reducing factor as: 0.72, compared to normal S35 shooting;
  2. Increase maximum aperture up to: 1 f-stop;
  3. Crop factor to: 1.10 when using on KineTerra 6K and KineTerra 5K.
  4. Very good performance on edge and colour fringing.

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