Kinefinity PL Mounting Adapter II

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PL Mounting Adapter II

PL Mounting Adapter II

Newly designed PL mounting adapter enables TERRA to support PL lenses right after you mount it on KineMOUNT. It is quite easy and reliable to mount PL adapter to KineMOUNT, just like attaching a PL lens to a PL mount.

There are big improvements on the second generation over previous version:

1. Support Cooke i/ protocol: the new PL adapter has electronic contacts to support Cooke i/ protocol which can recognize lenses with Cooke i/ protocol and read lens information
2. Simple but reliable connection: the new PL mounting adapter matches KineMOUNT perfectly without any cable
3. Lightweight: specially designed for TERRA, it weighs only 180g, but still reliable and robust

PL Mounting Adapter II

To get truly filmic images, choose TERRA with native PL mount or TERRA with KineMOUNT plus PL Mounting Adapter II to use cine lenses.

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