RigLand Camera Side Plate for Kinefinity MAVO, MAVO-LF and TERRA -695

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Side plate for Kinefinity Mavo, Mavo-lf and Terra

Key features:

1. This side plate mounted to the right side of the camera via 3 M2.5 screws after taking off the original grip.

2. There are two ARRI locating holes and many 1/4-20 and 3/8-16 screw holes for mounting other accessories and equipment such as magic arm and wireless Receiver and so on.

3. There is a Nato rail with a safety pin for mounting Nato accessories.

4. There is an Arri rosette for mounting Arri rosette handle, it can be used with RigLand right side wood handle with Arri rosette-681

5. There are many 1/4-20 screw hole on the top and front of the side plate to mount what you want to mount.

Weight: 155g

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