metabones EF - FZ T CINE Smart Adapter (MB_EF-FZ-BT1)

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Metabones EF - FZ T CINE Smart Adapter (MB_EF-FZ-BT1)

Metabones EF - FZ T CINE Smart Adapter (MB_EF-FZ-BT1) 

- viewfinder display of the aperture, zoom and distance. (Distance display requires lens that supports distance information.) 
- Auto exposure. 
- User-definable function key. 
- Supports lenses with image stabilization (IS). 
- Power supply through the camera housing, an external power source is not required. 
- Adapter firmware can be upgraded by means of a built-in micro USB port. 

Optical / Mechanical

- Extra large, adjustable iris ring. 
- Secure locking system for a solid locking of the assembled EF / EF-S lenses. 
- The flocking of the inner walls reduces internal light reflections. 


- No Autofocus 

Uncompromising precision, robust workmanship and excellent surface treatment
Contrary to the trend of other manufacturers to paint the aluminum ring on the camera body side black, Metabone lens adapters are mounted on precision brass rings with chrome coating on the camera body as well Also on the lens side. This ensures both smooth assembly, longer durability and great appearance. The lens side of the adapter is equipped with a robust leaf spring structure to securely secure the optics and provide the required support to eliminate focus errors and optical alignment problems. 

To reduce internal reflections to a minimum, Metabones® uses a matt black treatment to provide the maximum optical quality of the lens. 

Optical & Mechanical Features

- Chrome-plated precision-machined brass rings on both the camera body and the lens side. 
- Satin finished surface treatment and ribbed inner walls to reduce light reflections and stray light. 
- Precise fit and tight connection for smooth mounting and secure hold of the lens. 
- Designed to provide the best possible sharpness in any required situation. 
- Detachable Arca-Swiss compatible adapter foot with 1/4 "female thread on the bottom. 
- High-performance 32-bit processor and efficient switching power supply 
- The flocking of the inner walls reduces internal light reflections. 

Additional features in the Metabones SmartAdapter series

- True electronic integration of aperture *
- Support for typical metadata (Exif data), such as 
focal length , aperture, etc .. - EXIF ​​data search as lens identification, focal length and aperture. 

* Choose between P or S mode, or A or M mode. 
P-Mode (Auto-Program) Auto-iris and shutter speed through the camera. 
S mode (Shutter Priority "shutter priority") Manual shutter speed setting, automatic shutter control by the camera. 
A mode (Aperture / Iris "aperture priority") Manual iris control, automatic shutter speed adjustment through the camera. 
M mode (Manual) Manual iris control and shutter speed. 

Tested Camera Bodys

- Sony CineAlta F5 / F55

Tested lenses

Canon EF Primes
EF 40 / 2.8 STM 
EF 50 / 1.2 L USM 
EF 50 / 1.8 II 
EF 85 / 1.2 L II USM 
EF 100 / 2.8 USM 
EF 135 / 2L 
EF 200 / 2.8 L II
Canon EF zooms
EF 28-80 / 3.5-5.6 II 
EF 35-80 / 4-5.6 
EF 70-200 / 2.8L IS USM II 
EF 70-200 / 4L USM 
EF 70-200 / 4-5.6L IS USM 
EF 70-300 / 4-5.6L IS USM 
EF Extender 1.4x III, EF 70-200 / 4 L USM
Canon EF-S
EF-S 17-35 / 2.8 IS USM 
EF-S 18-55 / 3.5-5.6 IS II
50 / 1.4 EX DC HSM 
50 / 1.4 DG HSM 
17-35 / 2.8-4 EX DG HSM 
18-35 / 1.8 DC HSM ART 
18-125 / 3.8-5.6 DC OS HSM
SP 17-50 / 2.8 
SP 24-70 / 2.8 
SP 70-200 / 2.8
Tokina DX
AT-X PRO SD 11-16 / 2.8 (IF) DX

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