Slidekamera VARIO Articulated short arm 2,4"

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Slidekamera VARIO Articulated short arm 2,4"

Adapter comes with two attachments, small 1/4" gummed base that can be extended with a reducing spacer with 1/4" threaded hole, and 25mm diameter ball. VARIO Articulated short arm 2,4" is equipped with one 3/8 and four 1/4" mounting holes. Its versality allows to come up with various application ideas of the arm depending on the user imagination and creativity.


1. VARIO Base extension arm 10,6"

2. VARIO Short extension arm 6,3"

3. VARIO Rod clamp 15mm

4. VARIO Hot shoe adapter

5. VARIO Connecting clamp


6. VARIO Articulated long arm 4,7"

7. VARIO Articulated short arm 2,4"

8. VARIO Ball 3/8"

9. VARIO Reducing spacer

10. AKC-3 quick release system adapter with sliding plate AK-101



Application:single arm of 8" VARIO Magic arm
Safety payload:12 kg (safety payload depends on the tilt angle of the articulated arm)
Total length:60mm (2,4")
Attachemnts:25mm ball
small gummed base with 1/4" thread
arm equipped with a number of 1/4" and 3/8" holes
Material:hard anodized aluminium

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