NiSi - Polarizer Filter - 4x4

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NiSi Cinematic Filters

NiSi - Polarizer Filter - 4x4

NiSi filters are precision cut, polished, and optically processed to allow for extreme flatness and high parallelism for the highest quality glass and image quality.

Optical Nano Coating allows our filters to tightly control color, density, and reflection, alleviating solar glare.  This technology was developed for the NiSi IR ND exclusively by NiSi Filters.

This is a breakthrough in the world of Digital Cinema.


The glass is a fine annealing environmental protection optical glass H-K9L.  It is specifically used for optical lenses.  Double sides optical precision grinding and polishing create the highest quality filters.

H-K9L is a finely annealed optical glass for environmental protection, used specifically for optical lenses.  Precision grinding and polishing on each side make for the highest quality filters.


NiSi IR GND utilizes exclusive optical nano gradual coating; the light from ultraviolet to near-infrared passes through very evenly, causing very minimal color cast.

The NiSi IR GND utilizes our exclusive optical nano gradual coating technique; ultraviolet and near-infrared light pass through evenly, minimizing color cast.


Square polarizing filter select high quality glass material, each glass adopts optical processing technology, including coarse grinding, fine grinding and polishing.  NiSi strictly control the lens surface flatness and parallelism to the ideal level, making sure the image sharpness is intact.

Nitto polarizing film material can effectively eliminate reflection on the surface of non-metallic object.

Square polarizing filters are made from select material utilizing coarse grinding, fine grinding, and polishing.  NiSi strictly controls the flatness and parallelism of each lens, keeping images razor-sharp.

Nitto polarizing film material almost completely eliminates reflection from non-metallic surfaces.

Model: Polarizer 4x4
  • Ultra low color shifting with high quality polarizing film
  • Strict control over lens surface flatness and parallelism
  • AGC glass with optical processing technology, coarse griding, fine grinding, and polishing
  • Optimized for shooting raw 4K digital images

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