Slidekamera - Atlas Modular Drive

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The ATLAS MODULAR DRIVE is equipped with both IN and OUT control connectors, allowing the creation of a 3 axis Motion Control system, by usingBULLTM HEAD - our heavy duty remote head. Silent movement and high precision of control (repeatability of programmed motion) are its main assets. It can be controlled remotely with the Slidekamera WiFi module or with model builders’ RC controllers. The ATLAS MODULAR DRIVE is designed to work horizontally with maximum speed 0,4m/sec.

The ATLAS MODULAR DRIVE is equipped with following sockets:

2x RJ 45 - for communication between the controller and the motor, or for connecting the WiFi module to other drives (for example the BULL HEAD remote head)

2x DC power connectors - for connecting power sources

2,5mm jack Trigger - for connecting a remote shutter release cable

Slideye PRO application

ATLAS MODULAR can be controlled by a physical controller or a mobile app, available for both iOS and Android devices. For correct operation of the app the Slidekamera WiFi module is required.

Controlling Slidekamer modular system is now more comfortable, powerfull and precise than ever. The free Slideye PRO application will give you full control over compatibile Slidekamera modules.

Key features of Slideye PRO:

Live Control




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