SmallRig Sun Hood for Red 7" Monitor 2034

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1. It encircles the monitor and never shakes after attaching to the monitor.
2. Its special design at the sides are utilized to block the sunlight leaked.
3. Its bottom part size is not up to half of the upper part size, thus the parameters on the screen of monitor could be touched and adjusted with fingers with great ease.
4. It could be folded flat for storage and dispatching.

Firstly, mount M3 Screws at 4 corners of the monitor, and then place the jutting end of the sun hood between the two M3 Screws on the top of monitor. Next, fasten the fasteners to fix the sun hood on the monitor. It is very convenient for quick release and attachment. In addition, the sun hood could be folded flat for storage and dispatching.

Red Touch 7.0 LCD, Red Pro Touch 7.0 LCD, DSMC2 Red Touch 7.0 LCD

Package Includes:
1 x Sun Hood
1 x Hex Spanner
4 x M3 Screw

Product Dimensions: 170x150x130mm
Net Weight:119g
Package Size:80x310x40mm

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