RigLand Camera Cage for Panasonic Lumix GH4 GH5 GH5s - 679

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  • Apply to Panasonic GH4 GH5 GH5s
  • A nato rail , cold shoe mount , arri screw hole in the top
  • Both of side with two arri rosette
  • Two arca swiss in the bottom so that qucik to mount and release.
  • Magnet tool help you remove the screws quickly


1. Top of cage is a Nato rail , one cold shoe mount, one Arri screw hole and many 1/4-20" screw holes to mounted more accessories.

2. Top of cage will not blocks the camera hot shoe.

3. Both of side with Arii rosette to mounted rosette handle or other accessories.

4. Bottom of cage is two Arca swiss , one attach to camera so that makes the camera quick to mount and release from the cage,

   one with the bottom of cage so that makes the cage mount to the Arca tripod.

5. Does not block any buttons and connectors of camera.

6. Bottom of cage with one 3/8-16" and three 1/4-20" screw hole , can be mount other quick plates.

7. Bottom of cage with one tool for releasing bottom 1/4-20" screw.


1x cage

1x Arca swiss

1x 1/4-20" screw

2x Arri rosette

RigLand genuine