Rhino Slider EVO Carbon 42"

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The Rhino Slider EVO Carbon 42" is purpose built for time lapse photography. Weighing just over 4lbs, it can easily strap to your backpack and go with you anywhere. The carbon fiber rails are precision ground for a silky smooth slide. Use Rhino Motion to set up a time lapse in a matter of minutes. Simply connect the motor to the slider, set your duration, shutter speed, final clip length and Rhino Motion automatically calculates your interval and programs your move. This leaves more time for you to find the perfect composition.

Intelligent Motion

If you're shooting a longer exposure or if you don't have an intervalometer, connected the included cable to your camera to trigger your camera's exposure automatically. Rhino Motion uses the shoot - move - shoot method that only moves your camera when it's not moving to eliminate motion blur.

Interchangeable Rails - More than just a single slider

Shoots often require a variety of tools to tell your story. With Rhino Slider EVO you have the flexibility to change between Carbon Fiber and Stainless Steel Rails. This allows you to easily upgrade your slider to carry more weight or get a longer move without buying an entirely new slider.

Versatility comes standard

Flush folding all-terrain legs come standard on every Rhino Slider EVO. Be confident in your slider off-tripod and set up your shot faster.

Setup Faster

The spring loaded legs and built in indexing marks make setup quick on any terrain

Strong Carriage Brake - Move Confidently

The integrated carriage brake allows you to secure the carriage at any place on the rail and only takes a quick turn to engage

Camera Mounting Options

Rhino Slider EVO comes standard with a 3/8" stud on the carriage to mount any standard 3/8" flat based ball or fluid head.

Load capacity7lbs

Note: Compatible with Rhino Motion, Rhino Arc, and Rhino Flywheel.

In the Box

  • Rhino Branded Box
  • Instruction manual
  • Rhino Lifetime Warranty


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