CAME-TV Shoulder Rig for Canon EOS C200

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CAME-TV Shoulder Rig For Canon EOS C200 KT01


Accessorizing your Canon C200 camera with the CAME-TV Top Handle and Shoulder Base Plate provides you with a solution for quick shoulder mounting featuring a handle with accessory mounting holes The top handle is great for low shooting and provides an easy way to carry the camera around.

The heart of this kit is the base plate that features a quick release system to easily attach and detach the base. There is a shoulder pad built into the base plate is designed for comfort along with balance when resting on your shoulder. There are two 15mm rod holes that run through the base that allows front and/or back mounting of 15mm rods. The included extension arm allows for attaching a handle or hand grip.

Includes Follow Focus and Matte Box with Donuts. This rig provides all of the essentials to transform the EOS C200 into a great setup.


What's included:

CAME-TV Shoulder Rig For Canon EOS C200 With Mattebox Follow Focus KT03