L’AIGLE Exoskeleton “C” CINE

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L’AIGLE Exoskeleton “C” CINE

- 35kg/77lbs max payload.  

- Leave the upper spring only attached for a 2-arms payload of 2 to 10kg (4-22 lbs).

Leave the two others only for a payload of 6-24kg (13-53 lbs)

Or attach all three for a payload of 10-35kg (22-77 lbs)

Comfort features:

- Lightweight universal exoskeleton 8kg (17,6lbs)
- Extremely adjustable in height, width and positioning of the exoarms.
- U.S.H.I. SYSTEM : Underslung Soft Hand Interface. Your palms get lifted and you can move yours hands in any direction (including “briefcase mode”). Very easy to remove your hand from the exoarms too. You can also hang your gimbal directly from the handles of the USHI System.
- Flexible and adjustable metal belt (will fit any size and shape of bellies)
- Main top aluminium back shell designed to be adjusted as high as possible on your back for optimum load distribution
- Padding made of a compound of load dispatching foam and load absorbing foam
- Inflatable lumbar cushion
- Lever buckles on belt.
- Docking stand provided (required for easy fitting in and out and safe resting of the exoskeleton)

- HEXAPUS DESIGN: huge orbital scapula to stow the exoarms behind your back
- No arm movement limitation whatsoever
- Ultra narrow design of the exoarms: you can run through doors alright
- HUGE BOOM RANGE: 130cm/51"
- Knob adjustment of the exoarms lift assistance
- ZERO GRAVITY Adjustment: adjust the isoelasticity of the exoarms
- Stainless springs
- STAND-BY "Jetpack Position" HOOK: attach the exoarms onto the belt while you don’t need it.

- Comes in an ABS case on wheels with trolley
- 1 year guarantee and support

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