Easyrig 3 - with standard support bar

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Easyrig 3 - with cine or gimbal vest, several models for different camera weight

The support bar of Easyrig 3 with gimbal vest is 20 cm higher than with cine vest.

Cinema 3, available in different variations up to max. capacity 32kg 

Each device covers a specific load range. 

Cine 3 version with support bar in standard length

(mainly used to carry the camera on the shoulder)

Each Easyrig come with a vest in standard size, this normally fits to sizes S-XL 

Please contact us if you need a vest size XS or XXXL.

Compared to the standard cine vest, the also available gimbal vest is extra enforced and padded at the front hip belt. This wear comfort gives an advantage when carrying very heavy camera equipment or a gimbal rig. For use with a gimbal rig, please choose an Easyrig with a long support bar.


3 vest with standard arm

3,5kg (7,7lbs)

Mounted: 90-100cm (35-39in)

Suspension line length

89cm (35in) when fully stretched


Up to the chosen model, see overview

Hip belt sizes:

Small XS - S


Large XL - XXXXL

70cm (28in) to 80cm (31in)

80cm (31in) to 130cm (51in)

100cm (39in) to 150cm (59in)

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