Easyrig 2.5

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Easyrig 2.5 with one-sided vest and with standard support bar

Easyrig 2.5 gives you the advantages of both a handheld camera and tripod mounted camera; i.e. with the speed and mobility of the handheld camera you can still achieve steady pictures.
Your back and shoulders are relieved since the load is redistributed to the hips – Easyrig 2.5 helps you to concentrate on the actual filming. You won’t suffer from a strained back or shoulders as you would from normal handheld shooting and you will be able to work for longer periods of time.
The breathable fabric and ventilated soft padding will make your filming with Easyrig 2.5 comfortable and enjoyable.
Easyrig 2.5 is designed and manufactured in Sweden and has been ergonomically tested with optimal results.
After you are finished with your Easyrig 2.5, just fold it and put it in the specially designed Petrol bag that your Easyrig is delivered in.
Easyrig 2.5 will be your best tool when you do sport events, documentaries or news - yes, any occasion where handheld camera is required.

All Easyrig units come with a vest in standard size, this normally fits to sizes S-XL Please contact us if you need a vest size XS or XXXL.


Weight:3.1 kg (6.8 lbs)
Height:Mounted: 90 - 100 cm (35½ - 39½ in)
Suspension line length88 cm (35 in) when fully stretched.
Capacity:4kg (9lbs) in steps to 16 kg (35 lbs)
Hip belt sizes:
Small XS - S
Medium M - XL
Large XL - XXXXL

65cm (26 in.) to 80cm (31in.)
82cm (32in.) to 125cm (50in.)
100cm (39in.) to 150cm (60in)

A basic Easyrig 2.5 system includes:

  • Support arm (ordered by camera weight)
  • Lockable camera hook
  • Vest (breathable material)
  • Hip Belt (breathable material)
  • User Manual
  • Transport Bag

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