cineready CR-1000D daylight LED light with NP-F battery slots - DIMMABLE

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video LED light series

CR-1000D - 1000 LED 5600°K daylight

CRI >95+

cineready silverback LED series

Technical Specs & Features:

  • 1000 LED - CRI >95 - 60W
  • Daylight 5600°K
  • DMX In/Out (cable included)
  • 2.4GHz remote controll (99Channel)
  • APP for iOS
  • NP-F550/960 Battery Slots
  • 13-19V coax. 2.1mmx5mm power input
  • removeable barndoors
  • softener & 3200°K filter gel
  • AC power adapter
  • dimensions: 302 x 191 x 42 mm
  • optional honeycomb

anodized aluminum alloy frame

cineready silverback LED series

The case of every model is made out of anodized aluminum alloy, giving it strength, robustness and resistance to the elements. At the same time it keeps the weight to a minimum.

2.4 GHz Remote Controll

cineready silverback LED series

every model comes with a 99 channel 2.4GHz remote control with a maximum reach of up to 50 meters. You can control up to 99 lights with a single remote. Switch between dimmer and color control function easily.

maximum power minimum size/weight

cineready silverback LED series

The SILVERBACK name comes from the aluminum alloy frame which every light has. This makes them especially robust and light weight. The high efficiency LED light panels allow these lights to remain small while still delivering a great performance.

included in this kit:

1x cineready silverback CR-1000D LED light
1x tripod bracket with screws
1x 2.4GHz remote control
1x DMX to 4-Pin XLR cable
1x Softening Filter Gel
1x 3200°K Filter Gel
1x AC power adapter



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