cineready flexible LED light Kit Bi-Color 3pc 80W 1x1 with stands and travel bag

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3x 80W Bi-Color (3200°K - 5600°K) Flexible LED Light Kit

What is special with this kit: 

  • Super high 80W power output for single 1x1 LED light
  • all accessories are included (softbox, eggcrate, light stands,...)
  • everything fits into a single bag (inlcuding light stands)

  • Weight of one LED light (without frame) = 284g

  • Waterproof & Dustproof
  • CRI of 97 
  • Lumen:



Model No.:CR-FLEX1X1-B
LEDs:256pcs high brightness SMD LED
CCT:Bi-Color 3200K - 5600K
Driver:LED driver w/ V-mount Battery (DC) or AC Adaptor
Dimming:0-100% step-less dimming
Control function:Turning Knob
Beam angle:140-360°



Included in the Kit: 

  • 3x cineready flexible LED light 1x1
  • 3x LED driver with V-mount plate and AC power cable
  • 3x X-bracket with light stand socket
  • 3x foldable light stand
  • 3x foldable softbox with diffusor
  • 3x foldable cloth eggcrate / grid
  • 3x extension cable
  • 3x bag for 1x1 LED light
  • 1x large bag for packaging the whole kit (including tripods)


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